NASA’s Landsat 8 captured James Bay (Rupert Bay in the southeast), Quebec, Canada. The image shows the the estuary or the mouth of Rupert River at James Bay where fresh river water meets sea water.

Credit: NASA

Rupert Bay is a large arm of Jamaes Bay located on the south-east shore, which is also a part of Hudson Bay in Canada. Although the coast is part of the province of Quebec, the waters of the bay are under jurisdiction of Nunavut Territory. This bay has a width of 16km and a length of 32km. The Rupert, Nottaway and Broadback Rivers empty into this bay. The image also shows interesting element—long, white, meandering filaments of foam which could be a signature of the boundary between continental fresh water and salty marine water.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Wikipedia

Reference: Filaments and Color in Rupert Bay (NASA Earth Observatory)
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