NASA’s Landsat 8 captured the wildfire of Kangaroo Island, Australia.

Credit: NASA

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, after Tasmania and Melville Island. The island has several nature reserves to protect the remnants of its natural vegetation and native animals such as sea lions, koalas and diverse bird species, with the largest and best-known being Flinders Chase National Park at the western end. On January 9, 2020, Landsat 8 acquired natural-color observations of burned land and thick smoke covering Australia’s Kangaroo Island. According to news reports, at least 156,000 hectares have burned and 50 homes have been destroyed on the island of 4,700 people.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Wikipedia
Credit: CNN

Reference: Fires Ravage Kangaroo Island
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