A new 360-degree video of earthview was uploaded by Ricoh. Ricoh and JAXA collaborated to launch 360-degree camera into orbit and captured Earth. KOUNOTORI8 (also known as HTV8), a spacecraft used to resupply the International Space Station, carried RICOH THETA and launched from Tanegashima Space Center on September 25, 2019 using the H-IIB F8 Rocket (H-IIB F8). KOUNOTORI8 safely arrived at the International Space Station on September 28.

Reference: 【宇宙からの写真】宇宙初搭載 RICOHとJAXAの共同開発によるTHETA S ISS(国際宇宙ステーション)船外搭載 第四弾更新
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