NASA’s Terra satellite captured Nares Strait. The timing of ice melting differs each year. In 2019 the ice arch collapsed early, crumbling in mid-April and allowing ice to flow freely by May. As can be seen from the image, The ice arch in 2020 has proved to be more stable.

Credit: NASA

Nares Strait is a waterway between Ellesmere Island and Greenland that connects the northern part of Baffin Bay with the Lincoln Sea. Nares strait has a nearly permanent current from the north, powered by the Beaufort Gyre, making it harder to traverse for ships coming from the south. In 1964, its name was agreed by the Danish and Canadian governments, to be derived from the British naval officer George Strong Nares. The strait and neighbouring waters are usually hazardous for navigation and shipping. During August, however, it is usually navigable by icebreakers. Hans Island, a tiny island lying within the strait, is claimed by both Denmark (on behalf of Greenland) and Canada.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Getty/Mario Tama

Reference: Ice Arch Persists Despite Warm Arctic (NASA Earth Observatory)
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