Astronaut Anne McClain captured from ISS southern coast of Sweden near Karlskrona.

Credit: Anne McClain, NASA

Karlskrona is known as Sweden’s only baroque city and is host to Sweden’s only remaining naval base and the headquarters of the Swedish Coast Guard. The city of Karlskrona is spread over 30 islands in the eastern part of Blekinge archipelago. The city was founded on Aug. 10, 1680 when the Royal Swedish Navy was relocated from the Stockholm area to the Trossö island which had up until then been used chiefly for farming and grazing. At the time Sweden was the dominant military power in the Baltic sea region, but needed a better strategic location against Denmark, since southern parts of Sweden had been conquered only a few decades before (Torstenson War).

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Wikipedia

Reference: Anne McClain’s Tweet
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