Astronaut Ivan Vagner captured from ISS the night view of Honshu, Japan. The lights of Hiroshima are shown just inbetween 2 solar panels.

Credit: Ivan Vagner, Roscosmos

Hiroshima marked the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing on the city by the U.S., with its mayor urging the international community to unite against serious threats to humanity. Hiroshima is best remembered as the first city targeted by a nuclear weapon when the U.S. dropped the atomic bomb “Little Boy” on the city at 8:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945. Most of the city was destroyed, and by the end of the year 90,000–166,000 had died as a result of the blast and its effects.

The local scenery on the ground of Atomic Bomb Dome and modern Hiroshima is as follows.

Credit: Wikipedia

Reference: Ivan Vagner’s Tweet
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