Astronaut Christina Koch captured from ISS Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Credit: Christina Koch, NASA

Emerald Isle is part of the Crystal Coast and is located entirely on Bogue Banks, North Carolina. Compared to about 4,000 population, as many as 50,000 tourists inhabit the area during the summer season, filling up vacant rental properties. Until colonial times, Emerald Isle was home to Native Americans. Later, the area was settled by a small number of whalers and fishermen. After 1950’s, the area development has started as resort destination, and in 1960, ferry service began, providing wider access to the Bogue Banks beaches of modern-day Emerald Isle. Today, Emerald Isle is a popular vacation spot for families and is also known for excellent fishing and a wealth of marine life. Notably its beaches are a favorite location for nesting sea turtles. The turtles nesting on the beaches there are protected by federal law.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Emerald Isle Realty

Reference: Christina Koch’s Tweet
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