Astronaut Luca Parmitano captured from ISS Apulia, Italy.

Credit: Luca Parmitano, ESA, NASA

Apulia is a region of Italy, located in the southern peninsular section of the country. Apulia’s Gargano promontory in the north extends out into the Adriatic like a ‘sperone’ (“spur”), while in the south, the Salento peninsula forms the ‘tacco’ (“heel”) of Italy’s boot. Apulia has Alberobello, a small inland town and comune which has over 10,000 inhabitants and is famous for its unique trullo buildings. Having to use only stones, the peasants found in the round form with self-supporting domed roof the simplest configuration. The roofs were embellished with decorative pinnacles representing the signature of the architect (master trullaro). The trulli of Alberobello have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Visitaly

Reference: Luca Parmitano’s Tweet
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