Astronaut Luca Parmitano captured from ISS El Ejido, Spain.

Credit: Luca Parmitano, ESA, NASA

El Ejido is a municipality of Almería province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. As can be seen from the image, El Ejido is the centre of production for fruit and vegetables in the “Comarca de El Poniente”. The work opportunities the city provides attract many foreign farmhands, who look for jobs mainly in the greenhouses there. Some greenhouses have begun using computer-controlled hydroponics systems, thus saving on labour and improving efficiency. This gives a solid push to its economy. In close proximity to the city along the coast line is situated Almerimar, a popular destination for tourism and relaxation.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Wikipedia

Reference: Luca Parmitano’s Tweet
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