NASA’s Aqua and Suomi NPP satellite captured the fires and smoke spreading in the eastern Bolivia.

Credit: NASA

The image shows the the fire and smoke streaming south toward Paraguay, much of which has been concentrated in the dry Chiquitano and Chaco forests and shrublands of eastern and southern Bolivia. Grasslands in the Beni savanna region to the north and the Pantanal wetlands in eastern Bolivia also have seen large numbers of fires. South America has just come out of winter but 2020’s fires in the region have been unprecedented in extent and duration. 22% of the vast floodplain has succumbed to the flames. The fires in the Pantanal raged across Brazil and areas nearby between January and August.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: BBC

This is the fire in the area last year.

Credit: NASA

Reference: Fierce Fires in Bolivia (NASA Earth Observatory), A River of Smoke (NASA Earth Observatory)
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