NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite captured Asuncion (Asunción), the capital of Paraguay. The image shows the western part of the Paraguay turned brown color due to severe drought.

Credit: NASA

From this spring, the South America has been suffering from historic drought, and large swathes of forest and wetlands of “the Pantanal,” the world’s largest wetlands that span Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, known for their exceptional biodiversity have been ravaged by devastating fires. The Paraguay River has reached its lowest level in half a century after months of extreme drought in the region, exposing the vulnerability of landlocked Paraguay’s economy. Approx. 85% percent of Paraguay’s foreign trade is conducted via the river, which has been depleted because of a lack of rainfall in the Pantanal area of Mato Grosso state in Brazil.

The local scenery on the ground is as follows.

Credit: Wikipedia

Reference: Severe Drought in South America (NASA Earth Observatory)
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